Organic synthesis

Peptide Synthesis

The main focus of the Peptide Synthesis Competence Laboratory is synthesis of peptides for projects within inSPIN and to some extent for external collaborators. The Laboratory specializes in synthesis of highly aggregating peptides, peptide conjugates, isotopically labelled peptides and unnatural amino acids. The Laboratory utilize Microwave assisted peptide synthesis which allow for fast and efficient preparation of otherwise difficult and tedious to synthesize peptides. A large variety of peptides have been synthesized including:

  • Novicidin and derivatives
  • Prp(106-126)
  • MSP2(1-25)
  • Collagen Mimicking Peptides
  • uPAR antagonists
  • HIV gp41 Antigenic peptide
  • Ebola immunosuppressive domain peptide
  • a broad range of peptaibols

The peptides are purified by means of RP-HPLC and characterized by MALDI-TOF.

M.Sc. Erik Holm Nielsen
inSPIN research center
Department of Chemistry
University of Aarhus
Tel: +0045 89423783